35 Worst Feelings That Aren’t Life Or Death

Thought Catalog

1. Rolling over in bed and being greeted by a clock that’s alarm is going to ring in less than ten minutes.

2. Your car won’t start. If you listen closely when the engine revs up but fails to fully start, you can actually hear the maniacal laughter of a mechanic from the near future snatching dollars from your bank account.

3. Discovering that you were cheated on. It’s a unique scenario because you want to know what the hell happened but at the same time you’d rather not hear details.

4. Seeing emotionally damaging things happen to someone you care for — specifically stuff that it’s beyond your control to fix.

5. Buying something that ends up on sale shortly after. A clear sign that the Clearance Gods hate you.

6. FInding out that your crush likes someone else.

7. Finding out that your crush likes someone else…

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