What I’ve learnt

It’s pretty amazing to see how time flies as you step on the airplane, inhale the very last breath of the United States and head off to the place you call “home” 

One year is neither short nor long for me to look back and see how I’ve changed throughout the year. 

And I changed

I learnt

I grown up 

Then I conclude 10 things I’ve learnt in my very first year at a boarding school 

1. Being isolated from big cities actually helps you to study. No parties, no boys, no fun = study hard 

2. I discard the fact that playing sport makes a girl look manly and muscular. Playing sport actually helps you to keep fit, get in shape and more important, it teaches you what team spirit is. 

3. I’ve done quite a few of travels and I realized that unless you try, you never know how brave you are. I personally never knew that I could walk alone on the street at 1am in the morning, get lost in the subway in New York at 11pm, wander around the city without anything but an Iphone and a credit card. I experienced street culture. As I wandered around Boston and New York alone, I found some really cool places. I went to condom world in Newbury street, I stayed in Harlem for thanksgiving in an apartment that I rent and I ate the best fried rice in New York with my ex in the subway station. Thank you for showing me such a great place haha. 

4. I actually grown up instead of “Groan up” like I used to. Living away from home is a totally new and precious experience. Given the fact that I don’t usually see my parents and my family is failed to become a traditional Vietnamese family, living far far away from home is definitely different and I missed home sometimes. 

No matter how hard I tried and how I trained myself to be tough. i cried sometime because of homesick. Well, you never know how important you family is until you live sooooo far away that you can’t do anything to help your parents but sobbing in the corner of the room 

5. I give less fucks (I know it sounds so wrong but those non-dirty-minded people will think differently so…I dont give a fuck haha) 

I mean, I learnt to become nonchalant and indifferent. I don’t give a shit about people talking behind my back because I know who I am and I look down to those who intervene my business. Go away kids, don’t fool around !

However, not giving a fuck on everything doesn’t make me a heartless creature. I care about people I love and I give my best to them. I always be honest and I’m really proud of it. 

6. Boarding school is a place where dramas happen a lot -> which leads to the hierarchy of drama kings and queens. I’ve heard tons of dramas and none of them is worth hearing and talking haha. People just exaggerate it too much.

7. Boarding school is a place where you study with tons of rich kids, “princesses and princes”. Sometimes, they are the pain in your ass and you still have to endure them x…x Never get rid of this pain huhu

8. If you experience a heart break like I did on April Fool, here is the list of things you should do 

1. Forget that ass

2. Always remind yourself of number 1

You will find your life so much better and easier once you get over that shit. And your friends are the ones who always support you and cheer you up, lead you through the worst days of your life. Those days, you might feel like the whole world crashes down on your feet, everybody ( including that ass) still moves except for you. You feel like your heart is scattered into thousands of small pieces. And once you try to collect the very last fragments of memories between you 2 and you fail, you’ll know that it’s time to move on and get over him. 

A girl should have 2 things: dignity and the ability to get over an ass 

Thank you my friends who helped me get through the biggest shit of my life. That incident, I shall never forget. 

9. At some points in your life, even when you are not aren’t at home. You might accidentally realize that your parents are getting old and you’re the reason why 

10. I’ve learnt that I’m not young anymore and time actually flies in a blink. 

Love more, care more, worry less and be happy with what you have !