The Only Way To Survive As A Millennial College Grad Is To Respect Yourself

Thought Catalog

It is early Fall. That means for members of the Class of 2014, new horizons await beyond the manicured lawns and iron-wrought gates.

For many of us Millennials, the path has always been set clear, predictable. The road to success was defined as:

(a) perfect grades

(b) high SAT scores

(c) extra-extracurriculars

(d) a deep concern for diversity

(e) a myriad of cool and unique hobbies (one or two of which you must be good at—like, really damn good—because just “passionate” is overrated).

Then we get into a good college, study hard, pick up a few internships, maybe travel a bit.

But now…. What now?

As the tents are being pitched and free mints are getting arranged on plastic tables, you are making last-minute tweaks to your resume. Company and non-profit recruiters are rehearsing the pitches, the ones they will eloquently present to a group of young hopefuls who are…

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