Ôi chả biết bao giờ mình mới ở mỹ đc trọn 1 năm ko về nhà T_T

Kiểu năm nào cũng về ntnay tốn tiền quá huhu. Aigooo bố mẹ ơi con thương bố mẹ lắm ý :((( Kiểu 1 năm fai đóng tiền học cho con. Còng lưng ra đi làm để nuôi cái miệng con ăn sung mặc sướng. 

Từ bé đến giờ lúc nào bố mẹ cũng cho con mọi thứ tốt đẹp nhất. Từ hồi học mẫu giáo cũng chuyển hết trường nọ đến trường kia để vào trường tốt nhất.

Cấp 1 bố mẹ cũng cố gắng tạo mọi điều kiện để con được học trường điểm của thành phố, lớp chọn của trường. 

Sang đến cấp 2 bố mẹ cũng xin cho con vào trường cấp 2 tốt, lớp cũng lại là lớp chọn. Xong rồi cả chuyện ngồi tổ mấy, cạnh bạn nào bố mẹ cũng lo cho con

Lên cấp 3 khi con đã lớn thêm 1 tẹo rồi bố mẹ vẫn lo cho con vào chu văn an cũng phải lớp chuyên chuẩn trọng điểm. 

Rồi đến khi con đi Mỹ bố mẹ cũng lo cho con. Lại là trường top, 1 trong 15 trường đắt nhất nước mỹ…

Rồi đến khi con sang đc cấp 3 ở bên mỹ. Con muốn vào đại học ở Boston. Lại là trường đắt..lại là trường top. Bố mẹ vẫn lại đồng ý rồi còn động viên con apply. 

Con ko thể nào thấy may mắn hơn đc nữa ý. Thế mà chẳng hiểu sao có những lúc con ngu si suy nghĩ vớ vẩn ngồi ghen tỵ với các bạn của con. 

Lắm lúc con thấy nhớ bố mẹ quá đi oe oe Image


The Only Way To Survive As A Millennial College Grad Is To Respect Yourself

Thought Catalog

It is early Fall. That means for members of the Class of 2014, new horizons await beyond the manicured lawns and iron-wrought gates.

For many of us Millennials, the path has always been set clear, predictable. The road to success was defined as:

(a) perfect grades

(b) high SAT scores

(c) extra-extracurriculars

(d) a deep concern for diversity

(e) a myriad of cool and unique hobbies (one or two of which you must be good at—like, really damn good—because just “passionate” is overrated).

Then we get into a good college, study hard, pick up a few internships, maybe travel a bit.

But now…. What now?

As the tents are being pitched and free mints are getting arranged on plastic tables, you are making last-minute tweaks to your resume. Company and non-profit recruiters are rehearsing the pitches, the ones they will eloquently present to a group of young hopefuls who are…

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An Open Letter To My Loving Parents, Who Guided Me To Where I Am Today

Thought Catalog

At this point in my life, I’m considered an adult. Yes, maybe sometimes I don’t completely act like it, but that’s part of life, right? As I’m growing up, I realize just how much you did for me. And, for that, I need to truly thank you – something I don’t think I’ve appropriately done to date.

Dad, thank you for telling me what I’m capable of. For giving me the support that I needed to build a dream to chase after. And for believing that I have the talent to reach my goals.

Mom, thank you for making me realize that I’m worth everything in this world. That I must be treated like a queen, and that I should never settle for less than what I deserve.

Dad, thank you for spending countless hours after you got home from work each night to teach me math that I wasn’t…

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College essay

It doesn’t matter how far you might rise — at some point, you are bound to stumble. Because if you’re constantly doing what we do — raising the bar — if you’re constantly pushing yourself higher, higher, the law of averages predicts that you will, at some point, fall. And when you do, I want you to know this, remember this: There is no such thing as failure — failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.

Now, when you’re down there in the hole, it looks like failure. . . . And when you’re down in the hole, when that moment comes, it’s really okay to feel bad for a little while — give yourself time to mourn what you think you may have lost — but, then, here’s the key: Learn from every mistake. Because every experience, encounter, and particularly your mistakes are there to teach you and force you into being more of who you are.

And then, figure out what is the next right move. 

The key in life is the develop the internal morel, emotional GPS to tell you which way to go in life




The Opposite Of Loneliness

Thought Catalog

The piece was written by Marina Keegan ’12 for a special edition of the News distributed at the class of 2012’s commencement exercises. Keegan died in a car accident on Saturday. She was 22.

We don’t have a word for the opposite of loneliness, but if we did, I could say that’s what I want in life. What I’m grateful and thankful to have found at Yale, and what I’m scared of losing when we wake up tomorrow and leave this place.

It’s not quite love and it’s not quite community; it’s just this feeling that there are people, an abundance of people, who are in this together. Who are on your team. When the check is paid and you stay at the table. When it’s four a.m. and no one goes to bed. That night with the guitar. That night we can’t remember. That time we did, we went…

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The 8 People You Should Never Have Sex With

Thought Catalog

1. Someone else’s significant other.

You would think this goes without saying, but it’s surprising just how many people can’t seem to get this when in the heat of the moment and presented with a sexy little piece who just happens to be attached. The desire can be overwhelming, and you can even manage to convince yourself that their current SO isn’t good for them or isn’t what they really need but SPOILER ALERT: That isn’t your choice to make. If they are really unhappy in their relationship, it’s up to them to do the decent thing and get themselves out of it before they go frolicking through the genitalia forest with impunity. Nothing good comes from being the Other Person, and it makes you kind of a terrible person (no matter how good the sex is.)

2. Your roommate.

Do not, I repeat, do not, bone the roommate. I…

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So I guess I’m just alone and I miss you

So I guess I'm just alone and I miss you

I miss you, I want to see you, I want to know how ur doing, I want to know hows your pilot thingy doing, I’m curious who ur dating…bla bla boa
But it doesnt mean anything, you know
It’s just what you did to me was so painful that I can never ever forget.
it was so painful that I’m sitting here crying over some old messages, at 1am, tears streaming down my chin and I’m sobbing like a child.
I miss the old you, why did u change? what made you change? how could it happen?
I miss our old convo, I miss your stupid face, I miss your ugly hair
I miss waking up in your arms, I miss cuddling, making out with you, I miss the way you slide your fingers along my face, I miss the way you look at me
It used to be so charming
I seriously dont know what happened. I fucking want to talk to u