So I guess I’m just alone and I miss you

So I guess I'm just alone and I miss you

I miss you, I want to see you, I want to know how ur doing, I want to know hows your pilot thingy doing, I’m curious who ur dating…bla bla boa
But it doesnt mean anything, you know
It’s just what you did to me was so painful that I can never ever forget.
it was so painful that I’m sitting here crying over some old messages, at 1am, tears streaming down my chin and I’m sobbing like a child.
I miss the old you, why did u change? what made you change? how could it happen?
I miss our old convo, I miss your stupid face, I miss your ugly hair
I miss waking up in your arms, I miss cuddling, making out with you, I miss the way you slide your fingers along my face, I miss the way you look at me
It used to be so charming
I seriously dont know what happened. I fucking want to talk to u